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Allium 'Medusa' - Medusa Ornamental Onion

Allium 'Millenium' - Millenium Ornamental Onion

Allium thunbergii 'Ozawa' - Ozawa Ornamental Onion

Canna 'Toucan Scarlet' - Toucan® Scarlet Canna

Canna 'Toucan Yellow' - Toucan® Yellow Canna

Canna 'Tropicanna Yellow' - Tropicanna Yellow Canna

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' - Lucifer Crocosmia

Dahlia 'Dahlietta Betty' - Dahlietta® Betty Dahlia

Dahlia 'Dahlietta Blanca' - Dahlietta® Blanca Dahlia

Dahlia 'Figaro Red Shades' - Figaro™ Red Shades Dahlia

Dahlia 'Fleurel' - Fleurel Dahlia

Dahlia 'Gloriosa' - Gloriosa Dahlia

Iris pallida 'Variegata' - Variegated Sweet Iris

Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' - Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris

Lilium 'After Eight' - After Eight Lily

Lilium 'Tiny Diamond' - Tiny Diamond Lily

Lilium 'Tiny Padhye' - Tiny Padhye Lily

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